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Differences with other servers

The players

Chinese players talk less and whine less, so should you. Complaining and raging is not a thing to do here.
Players do not say their lane all the time and it should be implicit depending on the picked heroes.

The heroes

  • Updates aren't made at the same time, expect some delay between an update on the EU or US server and the same update on the Chinese server (usually a couple of weeks at least).
  • The prices of some heroes are different, but most of them remains identical.
  • The free Champions Rotation happens every Friday at 10 AM UTC+08:00

The bonus

After level 5, 10, 15 and 20 you are eligible to some bonus (XP/IP Boost, runes...), to claim those bonus you have to go on and click on the matching level.
You will be asked to log-in and select your server.

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Faguoren59 Oct 8, 2013 at 8:42 AM 
Ni Hao Dreena !
(Got your link for the LoL NA forum)
Thanks a lot for all your explanations, without that I would still be playing on the PBE server still with some lag and too much "server - undefined / unavailable" !

So thanks for your work, I will very soon try to set up your translation software.
It's been almost 1 year I'm living in China, but I'm too lazy to get into the reading part ! :p

For the link to "bonus" you're speaking in this section, it does not seem to work for me... :(
I'm lvl11 but can't get the rewards. I connect to QQ, click on the button, select my server, then my lol-name appears, but then, I got this "非常抱歉,您的资格已经耗尽".
Do you know what it means, what should I do ?

Keep on the good work, and thx again !