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How to play League of Legends in China

QQ Account

The first thing you will need is a QQ account, if you intend to live in China you will definitely need one anyway.
I recommend you to go through the QQ International website to make it easier for you.

Chinese LoL Client

Once you have a QQ account, you will need the Chinese client for League of Legends provided by Tencent.
Go on, you will find easily the download button.

QQ Account verification

When the game is installed, you can launch the TCLS\Client.exe
If you try to login with your QQ account, a popup should appear, asking you a couple of info.
The thing is that you need to "verify" your QQ account, to do so it requires to be linked to your passport number, name and address.

Don't try to fill in the popup with your info, it's not gonna work unless you are Chinese (have a Chinese ID card).

You have here 2 solutions:
  • Enter a random ID number and name: I wouldn't advise that nor that I will document it
  • Fill the info Legally
To fill those info you will need to go on the popup link:
Click on the biggest button that will ask you to log in using you QQ account.
Once logged you need to go on the verification part for foreigners:

From there you will need to enter your name, your address, the document type (passport) and it's number. I advise some copy past from Google translate if you don't speak Chinese ;)

Once this is done, you can try to log in again, everything should work! (You can still use my little software if you need some more translation).

The TCLS Launcher

When logged in you will be asked to chose a server.
The bottom right button will allow you to display all servers, divided in 4 categories.
The first one (only a few) are the recommended.
The second and third one are the two main server hosts. Depending on your internet provided your ping will be good on either one or the other but (sadly) not both.

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